SLRR Media

SLRR News video of the RAIL<>BOT 2012 event

This video shows the News report about the RAIL-BOT 2012 event held on August 4th 2012, organized by the SLRR RAIL GROUP in Second Life.
A parade of trains went along the Second Life Railroad (SLRR) Main Line from Bhaga to Neumoegen and the West Atoll Railroad (WARR) to the station in Loepa.

Designing world - Treet.TV video

On the 20th of February 2012 the Treet.TV show Designing worlds hosts Saffia and Elrik further explored the extensive railway tracks that spread across the continents of the Second Life mainland, in the company of Marianne McCann and Moundsa Mayo of the Virtual Railways Consortium. In addition to seeing some amazing locos, riding the rails and visiting numerous locations along the way, we learn about the history, organizations and technologies that lie behind the railways of Second Life.

Video courtesy of Designing Worlds and Treet.TV