History and Origins

The Second Life Railroad has its origins in early attempts by residents to provided automated travel around the mainland during a time when their were no direct teleports available. Some of the earliest examples - such as the "Telehopper" from Kissling and the Great Second Life Railway from Mocha to Purple - led to the first Linden-created trolley, operating from Luna to Dore via Nova Albion. As the first mainland expanded and Magellan Linden made additional discoveries beyond the founding of Nova Albion, roadways and other Protected Land Rights of Way (ROW) were crafted on the first continent, Sansara, but none were slated for rail use.

With the discovery of the second Second Life continent by Magellan Linden in early 2005, the Grid saw its large-scale, Linden sponsored rail line for on the Heterocera Atoll, the Second Life Railroad (SLRR). Read more about the History of the SLRR.

About the SLRR

Second Life Railroad ( SLRRExternal Link ) runs over more then 80 sims on the Heterocera Atoll (Northern)Continent. Anyone with rolling stock designed to run on the SLRR tracks can use this public facility. Along the railway line there are many stations where you can rez a train to start a journey.

The track-building and maintenance on the public Linden Land is provided by the Linden Maintenance group (usually Michael Linden, currently) and the Linden Department of Public works LDPWExternal Link.


Some SL residents have expressed an interest in operating trains on the SLRR and other railroads, much as anyone can operate a car on the roads in SL. The SLRR standards as they are at the moment for guidanceExternal Link and trackExternal Link will enable residents develop suitable vehicles. Other rail networks may use different standards and are encouraged to make their standards public if these networks allow the public use them with their own rolling stock.

The SLRR is made up of specific prim sizes and names. The standards are taken from in-world measurements and put on the Second Life wikipagesExternal Link.
Since 2005 the SLRR has been operating. First with Linden Lab automated trains and later with trains build and operated by SL Residents. Different train builders came up with a variety of train types with different propulsion methods. The SLRR Track standards have not changed much over the years and train builders found ever better ways to make their trains.

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